Thursday, 22 April 2010

This is it!

It is quite unbelievable but it is the truth.... we have successfully finished our first year at the University!!!
...... thank you, thank you... I can hear your nice !!! :))))
I have to say that I am so relieved and also proud ... I can not wait to call my mum and tell her that her daughter did it!!!
She has been so fantastic and supportive all the time and it is very nice to hear some words of praise... especially when you are 27 years old... ;)))

The whole year was a lot of fun sometimes a bit stressful and has definitely fulfilled my expectations. Throughout the year we met some very interesting people, we went to the panel debate with Max Clifford, Trevor Beattie, Mark Borkowski and Julian Linley, we've had a fantastic hosting lecturer Cole Moreton for the whole second semester and we met lots of other important people from different PR agencies like Hill and Knowlton, Don'tPanic and also Peter Bingle from Bell Pottinger who talked to us about their work and how to become successful in what we do.

Our lecturers Trish Evans, Simon Goldsworthy and Trevor Moris - in the first semester
(the authors of the book: PR a persuasive idustry? Spin, Public Relations and the shaping of the modern media) were the best we could have hoped for!!

We have worked on campaigns, wrote press releases and handed in lots of course works, spent lots of hours at the library and now it feels so strange to have a big break for almost 5 months!

I will be still very busy working four days a week plus an internship but will miss the Uni very much! I have enjoyed morning coffees in the class with Trish Evans asking us about what we have read in the newspapers and learning about new things all the time...

Most importantly I have met fantastic young people with whom I had so much fun!!!!! Will miss them very much because most of them are returning to their homes for the holidays.

However Becky is staying so you will hear from us a lot more :)))))

Hana xxx


  1. Sounds like you guys had a fantastic time at Uni I'll be sure to check it out