Friday, 30 April 2010

So you wanna be a PR Star??

Term is finished but we are still here beavering away!!! Just sorted out my student loan paperwork for next year and it been approved and then spent all day to day battling with the University Admin office trying to register for my optional modules next year!!!

That is one of the good things about this degree that though the foundation and the core teaching is about Public Relations you also get the choice of free choice modules and you can tailor these to the specific area you would like to progress your career. For instance I am particularly interested in the link between PR and Advertising and have chosen an Advertising module and wait for it a module in strategic financial management!!! But you can do anything some of the guys on the course are studying polylang, one of the girls is doing Chinese which is pretty cool, you can take modules in fashion, music, photography - What eva floats your boat.

Any way wanted to hook you up with another fabulous website - check this out...


If you are looking for more info on possibly studying for a career in PR click on this link and check out the website and also feel free to leave comments and questions here.... or click on my picture and you will be linked into my twitter feed and you can send me a message - don't be shy its such a huge step to take and I wish there had been someone to answer my questions when I applied and then prepared to move to London so if I can be of help........ do not hesitate! xx


  1. Lovely blog! :)
    I´m a high school student from Slovakia. Being fascinated by the description of Media Arts course and Media Cultural Studies etc I consider studying in Britain. As I read through your blog...PR seems to be interesting as well!

    I have just one question - how is it possible that you two are 26 and 27 y. old? What have you been doing inbetween (after high school graduation and before the PR course)? Or does the course last sooo long? :)

  2. Good Question!! I wasn't too sure what to study at University when I was 18 and decided to work full-time for a couple of years first as I didn't want to waste 3 years studying something I wasn't too sure about. I then ended up opening a coffee shop in my home town in Bristol. I knew though that I always wanted to further my career prospects with a degree. This is the best choice I ever made and I think as mature students we probably get more out of the course and take advantage of every oppurtunity possible. This course is three years so the only scary thing is that I will be nearly 30 when I graduate!!! Are you thinking of moving to London to study? B x