Thursday, 22 April 2010

Oh What a Night....

Just back from the launch of Cole Moreton's book Is God Still an Englishman?? This is going to be a quick post as I have a presentation to do tomorrow and I need my beauty sleep but WOW what a night it was so much fun. Today has been one of those mad non stop days dashing all over uni, to lectures, then a group work meeting and a course committee meeting and then a quick dash home to shower and scrub up before jumping on the tube to meet everyone at the launch. Ended up running late because the wonderful transport in London is so volatile that every 5mins we had to stop and wait due to signalling problems but we made it to Livrpool Street. There were 8 Volunteers including myself and the venue was this beautiful Church that is now an art gallery. Its called Wallspace and its at All Hallows on the Wall.

It was the perfect location!!

My job was to sell the books and yes we sold out!!! Whoop Whoop!!! There were over 100 guests in total and I spoke to some really interesting people (everyone thought I worked for the publisher, hehe) but this did prompt some very interesting conversations. There was live music and dancing and we can't forget the wine!!

The feed back was great and if you are looking for an interesting and stimulating read I would highly recommend this book, available on Amazon and check out the website:

and if you need more persuading then google it and read the comments on the Guardian website!!!

.... need I say more!! Apart from the night was rounded off in style at good old Macedees!!!

Bedtime I think - sweet dreams - B x

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  1. Just watched the dancing, didn't get to see it on the night as I was selling copies of the book but its very.... interesting!!! Quite gothic but good rhythm!!! Will certainly have got people talking! B x