Thursday, 15 April 2010

Woman's hour

The first thing that we were told at school was to start reading newspapers. Any newspapers, just to see how they write, what their agenda is, who they are targeting and maybe to find the right one for each of us. For me as a foreigner it was not easy from the beginning to read about politicians that I never heard off before and who seemed very boring to me. Frankly, sometimes I had to force myself to cary on reading a long and boring article about someone important just to have an idea of what is going on in politics ... also the headlines do not make sense to me sometimes, because they are written in a form of english expressions that you normally do not come across....maybe they are very old fashioned or poetic ....


... I have found something that helped me to better understand a lot about this country, their legacy and rules and most importantly I have found myself enjoying one of the "media" that we were advised to listen to...and that is the Woman's hour!

The first thing that came to my mind when I listened to one of the presenters (Jane Murray and Jane Garvey), was my childhood. The program is only spoken, there are no songs unless they have a musician as a guest. It reminded me of myself sitting at a table in my house in Slovakia, playing a game or painting something, my mum cooking in the kitchen and the radio is on... beautiful memories....
On their website they say that the programm is celebrating, informing and entertaining women and in my opinion the show is increadibely funny and very educational. They cover everything from cooking, museums and exhibitions to politics and life stories of very interesting people, most of them are women.
The program is on the BBC4 daily at 10am but because of the time I can not listen to it live so sometimes I listen to all of the series from that week in one row, sipping my cup of tea and doing some cross-stitching (that sounds so weird, but I really do enjoy cross- sittching) :))
Lately I was very interested in the talk about internships and the sometimes unfair treating of students and was very drawn into the debate. I am also currently doing an Internship at a London PR agency and could agree with a lot of the points that were made during the show.

This friday Jenni Murray is going to interview one of my favorite actress Kim Cattrall from Sex and the City so tune in with me and enjoy the show.

Hana xxx

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