Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Going Home for Easter......

The Theatre was indeed fabulous, I love the theatre it is such a magical place but this particular show was incredible. Before it started I was wondering how on earth they were going to be able to translate a story about a business disaster onto the stage. But they did and it was fantastic and thanks to Hana and her friend Tom who was in the play we had really, really good seats. I could go on and on about the play but what I wanted to blog about today was my Easter....

I have just been home for 5 days to catch up with friends and family and I realised that I haven't seen them for 3 months. You get so caught up in student life and the day to day running of your life that time passes really quickly!!! I mean we've nearly finished our first year at Uni now that is crazy!!!! As you know I am a mature student and I have lived away from home before but coming to University is different. You are moving to another different city where you make new friends, have to fend for yourself, decide which parties you go to, when to study, when to shop. There is also so much going on in London that it has been very hectic and then the week before I left for Bristol it suddenly hit.... the deep pang of homesickness!!!! It had been so long and I felt really stupid because you think pull yourself together you're old enough to sort yourself out and not get upset. Going back though was exciting but also shows you who your real friends are and who are just acquaintances, you see all of your friends carrying on with their lives, drinking in the same bars, going to the same restaurants and old haunts and you have missed out but they are not part of your new life. It was all very strange, nothing had changed in Bristol but everything had changed with me. It gives you a new perspective on things. I think this is one of the hardest things about moving away for University, you expect to be able to carry on both lives and its not possible and if this is hard for me as a 26 year old how tough must it be for 18year olds. The only difference is that as I had worked in Bristol for 8 years before moving to University, I had a whole network of friends set up. My best friends and my school friends, and 18 year olds don't have that they move to Uni to find that network of friends.

So if you are reading this and you are thinking of returning to education and you are ready to take the plunge I would say it is the best decision that I have ever made but be prepared for the tough times. The feeling slightly in limbo and slightly lost, the weekend was amazing and it was so good to see all of my best friends again. It was a non-stop weekend of eating, drinking, laughing and catching up I am shattered now but I am looking forward to catching up with my London PR friends and finding out what they have been up to .......!!!! Bye for Now Bex xxxx

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