Sunday, 14 March 2010

It's that time again....

It has been a busy weekend!! Deadlines, Deadlines and more deadlines - its a juggling act!!! Had to work this weekend as well and today is mothers day - not to be forgotten!! My mum is in Bristol though and I did get a card to her in the post!! My brother is cooking for her which will be nice and I have promised her that next time she comes up to London to visit I'm going to treat her to a theatre show. That is one of the wonderful thing about living in the Big Smoke there is so much to see and do that you can never get bored. There is always a new show to see, a new band, a different restaurant to try - the world is indeed your oyster here and I have fallen in love with the city!! Studying PR here at the University of Westminster I am based on the Harrow Campus which is actually in North Harrow, Middlesex, so people do argue that I am not aloud to say I live in London (but its certainly closer than Bristol and only 20 mins on the Met line to Baker Street) I actually really like it here. It's not too crazy, I can walk to my campus and Harrow-on-the-hill is nearby and that is a really cute, posh area of London with the private boys school, very affluent!!! Sometimes Central London can get quite crazy so I like the peace and quiet of living slightly further away. I went shopping on Oxford Street on Thursday with a friend and the place was heaving!! Late night Shopping but it was great to be able to shop and then head for some sushi and a few G&T's before jumping on the tube home!!

But I have once again gone off on a tangent, I was actually on here to inform you all that I will once more be live on air tomorrow on smoke radio and this week I am interviewing The Universities Dance Society!!!! I wish I could dance, maybe I need to take it up. I like watching all the street dancers and movies like Step Up, now that would make for a very cool PR Stunt indeed!!!

So hopefully you will be listening and please do get in touch if you have any questions....

Take it easy B xx

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