Tuesday, 16 March 2010

An evening with the Drama Society - presenting Closer

It was a PR Class outing, we met on campus and headed to Area 51, the student bar, where the Drama Society are putting on their latest production, Closer by Patrick Marber. Closer is a powerful portrayal of sex, relationships and the concept of love and WOW they were truly fabulous!! Particularly the ladies, really strong performances and some really hot talent!!! I love going to the theatre it is one of the perks of studying in London as there is always so much going on and so many new shows popping up all the time. Being a student its quite handy because we do get discounted tickets as well - another perk that I love taking full advantage of.

Going back to our evening at the theatre I was so impressed with the work that had been put into creating the performance considering as well that all of the cast and crew are full time students and no doubt have deadlines looming as we are nearing the Easter Break. Andre Walker created some stunning visual effects I particularly liked the scene when the two male characters, Dan and Larry, were talking online and they recreated the effect using two laptops and a projector so you could see the conversation appearing in real time!!! FANTASTIC!!!

So over to you Hana.... what did you think? Very erotic as well......

I am a big theatre fan and could not miss this show. It is fantastic to see new talents doing what they love and giving them the support they need and also deserve. Live performance has got such a magic in it and I love the possibility to become one of the characters for just a short time... I get very drawn into every story and CLOSER was no exception. One minute I was a stripper (Alice) and the other I was the broken - hearted Anna. It must be great but also very exhausting to be an actress and act as another character, feeling their emotions and Closer is such an intimate and challenging play...but that is the art of acting and maybe I should learn it so I can be a successful PR practitioner... hahaha the art of deception!!!!

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