Saturday, 6 March 2010

Content is KING!

OK, I have been lax guys as this post refers to our digital PR seminar on Thursday but being a student I have been earning my crust in my part-time job. So.... We met this guy called Joe from Don't Panic!!! If you are a current student or have studied before you may well have seen the brown envelopes that you find in pubs, bars and other student hangouts and on Campus. Well he is the man behind those fabulous packages crammed full of advertising and sweeties!!! That is how he started his company, by producing these promotional packages!! He is a Guru that we can indeed learn from!! So I thought I would post some tips from the man himself:

1. Know the media!! What is in the headlines, what is going on in the world - keep up to date!!!

2. PR Week and Media Guardian and The Today Show (Radio 4) - Read and listen and absorb!!

3. Look at the Power List of top people in the media and get to know what they do etc...

and last but most certainly not least.... in fact I believe that this was the most important message of all that he told us....


No matter how good your plan is if the content is not there then it will never be a success.

His company now make viral ads which are posted on You Tube etc... some fantastic stuff, many of the videos are controversial and can be found through his website I urge you to check them out. Very, Very Funny stuff and their website is jammed packed with information about everything that they are and have been involved with.

That concludes my entry and update!!! BUT one final exciting event - I have the pleasure and fantastic opportunity through The University of Westminster to present my own Radio Show!! Oh Yeah - it is pretty cool and this Monday I will be interviewing the beautiful and very sexy Hana, my fellow blogger!! So if you are by a laptop or a pc at Noon, that is 12 O'clock, on 8th March 2010 go to and listen live. I am on for one hour and will also be interviewing the President of the Dance and Drama Society about their up coming production of the fabulously saucy 'Closer' most well known for the steamy, sensuous film staring Clive Owen, Jude Law and Julia Roberts!!!

Ciao for Now Bex xx

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