Tuesday, 15 June 2010

It's been a long time....

Several months have passed and shamefully I have neglected to add any more news to this blog, I am sorry, it has been madness!!! MADNESS I TELL YOU!!!! I started an internship for a company called global tolerance, I have a placement there for three months over the summer so it was straight from Uni to the office.

My advice to anyone wanting to get ahead in the game is to get as much experience as you possibly can. My first week was such a shock to the system though, as much as I hate to admit this I had become a 'Student' and by that I mean.... "9am???? What's 9am???" the early morning commute nearly killed me. Oh and just a heads up, people commuting in London are RUDE!!!! The decent common and courteous stereotype that us English folk are "said" to have goes and is replaced with crazy elbow jabbing, kicking and general raucous debauchery!!! Oh it makes comical entertainment and that's before you make it into your office. Thats scrambling for a tiny spot in the tube carriage!!

So apart from all of that it is all going very well, but I really mean it when I say there is nothing like real hands on experience. Simon Cohen, (my boss) great guy and very trusting, not that that's a bad thing it makes you feel amazing when someone believes in you but part of me is sceptical at my own ability being only a first year BA and its is quite scary when you have to apply what you have learn't in a real working environment. Anyway I hope I have entertained you I will am pledging to keep updating this on a much more regular basis and really delve into the nity grity of what my placement entails so stay tuned folks.... the juicy bit are yet to come..... Bonne Nuite x

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  1. Wow, great post. Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures.