Wednesday, 10 March 2010

What an eventful day!!!

What a day indeed!! Wednesday is our media and society lecture and class seminar, the discussions today were based around the influence of the media on us as consumers. The best example was that of the video gaming industry - class debate was based around consoles such as the Play Station 3, and how with the advances in technology you can now play on-line with others gamers from all over the world. I personally believe that this is a negative force on young people as they are becoming more and more recluse. I believe that we are creating on-line worlds in which people never need to have contact with and deal with people on a one to one basis and that will lead to a very lonely world.

The other angle which sparked much debate in class was about the violence in the games that are on the market. Does this encourage a generation of people who believe that violence is therefore acceptable as they are encouraged through gaming to shoot, fight and beat people up? There are surveys that show that this can be potentially very harmful in particular to young children. But keeping an open and critical mind here (a tool we are being taught in class, essentially when examining the media) can you believe these surveys? Where was the data collected from? How reliable is it? The latest crime statistic state that crime is currently at its lowest? Many questions and what I am learning is that there is always data out there that can back your case whatever your opinion so my advice is research and keep an open mind with everything you see, read and hear!!!

There is a little mid-week food for thought.....!

Following this I had a meeting with the head of events from the Smoke Radio Team here at the University of Westminster and we are looking at collaborating on some events in the very near future - its all very exciting but early days as yet so I will have to keep you in the dark but watch this space!!!!!

I also borrowed some very fancy technical radio recording equipment from the University so tomorrow Hana and I will be recording an interview with Cole Morton after our class, I am very excited about this!!! He has had an exciting and colourful career in the world of journalism from what I gather, two books under his belt and one more being released in April. I am looking forward to picking his brain and finding out his tips on how to succeed in this media world that I am so desperate to crack in to!!! I will endeavour to have the interview posted asap here for you to listen to, so you can stay in the loop.

Eventful day was finished by surprise call from my brother saying he was in London after a job interview and would I like to meet for a few beers before he heads back to the Bristol!!! Fan-dabi-dozy!!!! Great to see him and catch up, albeit rather brief!!

Roll on tomorrow.................... B x

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