Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Easter Break

So what does a PR Girl do when she is not nose to the grindstone studying??? We have broken up from Uni for a 3 week Easter break - whoop whoop!!! This also explains the lack of posting, we've been slacking I'm sorry.

BUT.... What exciting adventures have we been having... last week we trooped down to the Victoria and Albert Museum, I love living in London! The best thing is that the museum is free, so we had a gander at the art work, most of the exhibitions were closed though due to a strike that was taking place that day, this is the disadvantages of living in London!!!!! Then we walked around South Kensington and Hana took me to the treasure trove that is TK MAX!!! WOW The bags, oh the beautiful bags and so cheap!!! I was in heaven!!! The TK Max in Bristol is not very good which is why I was so surprised at the amazing bargains we found!!!! Handbags are a girls best friend and shoes of course.

Hana has managed to get us tickets to see Enron which is showing at the Noel Coward Theatre. The play is a must see for all you PR enthusiasts and Practitioners to be. The reviews have been great but the best bit is that Hana has pulled a few strings and called in a favour and Wham Bam we will be going back stage after the performance to meet the cast!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited, hob nobbing with the celebrities!!! She happens to know one of the cast and arranged the tickets through him so it should be a really good day. We are watching the matinee performance and then will be partaking in the obligatory cocktails and vino after of course....

Anyhowz Hana is currently cooking me lunch it is so nice I am being spoilt!!! It smells amazing... so Dobru Chut my darlings!!!!

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